A downloadable game for Windows


An abandoned game mechanic returns! Known as 8-directional whipping, it was invented in 1991 and hasn't been seen since.

Control a hero who can:

- whip in all 8 directions

- shoot projectiles from the whip

- rotate the whip for defense/continuous attacks

- sprint by double tapping left/right

- control movement in the air after jumping

- move while crouching down

Join me as I create the 'SUPERVANIA' successor!

youtube.com/c/georgegames instagram.com/georgegames_

twitter.com/georgegames_ facebook.com/georgigames

The tutorial stage + the first 3 stages will be part of the free demo.

In 3 months of development, the tutorial stage is now ready and free to play!


The Whipper FREE DEMO (Tutorial Stage) 31 MB


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Looking forward to this! Wish there was a sprint button instead of double tapping the direction to sprint. Love the directional whipping and projectile. Very cool! :)

Thank you! Check out my YouTube channel for more on stage 1's development.